Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are you truly converted?

How do you know when you are truly converted? Do you waiver when your beliefs are tried or do you stay true to what you've always known? When an opportunity comes that will bring you temporary and immediate gratification do you give up the very things that you've always fought against? If any of you are wondering...I am still true blue. I have not followed my husband as he must have never been truly converted. He is now a Utah Ute...I know it must disappoint some of you but I never thought I would have to deal with this kind of division in my family. It's hard! I hope that we can make it through this and he will not be lost forever!

I actually really love my husband but I will continue to pray that he will find his way back! He is helping the Utah staff with the defense! I know that it was hard for him as his brother Matty is back from his mission and playing for the cougars! Rise and Shout! Because he has chosen this path he can't even watch his brother practice...the things you'll give up for immediate gratification!

But really, we hope this will help him in his coaching career! He came home with all the red gear on one night. I looked at him and said, "not sure if I'm going to be able to get use to that color!" He laughed. I will try to support him as much as possible but will always be TRUE BLUE!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parental Paycheck

Have you ever had a parental paycheck? No, it's not a huge amount of money although that would be nice. It's the thing that makes you feel like you must have done something right because your child has done something that makes you so happy? Well, I just got one yesterday...

Chaz and Zion have been bothering us for the last couple of weeks to get their bikes ready so they can ride the 1 3/4 miles to school and then back again. A total of 3.5 miles-wish I had that desire and energy. Anyway, eventually we got it done and their first ride was yesterday.

So as I was driving home from work I thought I would check up on them and see how they were doing...yes, I was a little worried. They had almost made it to the 4 way stop when I spotted them. I pulled into the strip mall and watched them as they stopped. Chaz hopped off his bike, threw his backpack on the ground, and hunched over as if he was about to drop dead. He was huffing and puffing. Then I noticed Zion was missing her backpack. I yelled out to them to see if they were okay and asked Zion where her backpack was. She said, "inside Chaz's backpack." Chaz walked over to the car and I asked him why he had Zion's backpack inside his. He replied, "her backpack was so heavy for her so I put it inside mine. I also have both of our locks (Jasen bought them bike locks that weigh about 5 pounds each) and my sweathirt in it." It probably weighed a good 20 pounds. I was so pleased with him.

There probably isn't a better feeling or parental paycheck than for a parent to know that her children are taking care of each other on their own free will and choice. I love my children and are grateful for the sacrifices that have allowed me to be their mother.