Wednesday, April 2, 2008

10 Things About Me

So I'm trying to be loyal to this whole blogging thing but I just am not creative and really can't think of topics to expound on. So I stole an idea from Aundrea's blog and modified it from 100 things about me to 10 things about me (seems a little overwhelming to try to figure out 100 things about little ol' me.) So here goes...

1. I was named after my dad's foster sister-Joann Hunt ( I actually think she spells it differently). My dad was really big on foster children. He had foster brothers and sisters growing up. I also had over 50 foster brothers and sisters at different times in our home. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be loved!
2. I am half hawaiian (well as far as they have traced the geneolgy back) and half mutt-sorry mom. I think we have english and irish and about 10 generations back- a little bit of mohawk indian from the state of New York.
3. I grew up mainly on the Navajo Reservation and loved every minute of it! Ya'ate'eh (translation-Hello)
4. I got in a fight with some kids from Monticello when Iwas in 7th grade because they were calling my Navajo friends mean and racist things. I probably thought I was Navajo then.
5. I've had stitches 5 times and beautiful model legs-NOT!
6. I love to laugh even though my personality doesn't let me sometimes. My husband's family plays this game called Make Me Laugh (MML). There is a person in the middle of the group. He/she has to try to make the others laugh. You can't even show teeth so I guess it should be called-make me smile. Anyway, he (Jay) is the king of the game! I don't laugh at him much during our everyday lives but get us in a MML game and I laugh uncontrollably accompanied by tears. He has a couple of characters-Jose and pantalones, Karate Kid, and Building Inspector. If you have a chance to play it with him you will die laughing! Remember when I thought I was Navajo? Well, it's carried over into my adulthood...I have a special character named Navajo Nita.
7. I love to clean but you wouldn't be able to tell when you come to my home lately. When my kids were young and I didn't work outside the home my house was spotless. I vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned bathrooms daily. Now that life has progressed and I work, my house seems to be a little more neglected-but when I have the time and energy, I love to clean.
8. I love to eat! I remember a time when my family thought I had an eating disorder...wish they still thought that! I think I ate my first steak in college and loved it! I first ate shrimp about 6 years ago-love it! Hence the lack of my family thinking I have an eating disorder.
9. My junior year in high school I was the student body vice president, my sister was the president, my best friend and foster sister was the treasurer and my dad was the principal. Is that a monopoly or what?
10. I hate (excuse me-"don't like" as dad would say) fish and milk! Both cause an involuntary muscle spasm that makes me to upchuck. In second grade I distinctly remember the mean old lunch lady make me drink my milk. I told her that I would throw up and she said, "drink it." Guess what? The spasm happened and she never made me drink it again!

So there it is-me in a nutshell.


Aundrea said...

Wuss! You can think of 90 more things now:) Once you get going it's pretty easy. J/K I loved reading this list, it made me miss you and your family. Love you!

Pam and Joe said...

I found you! I am LOVING how many women in our ward have blogs! I am so stealing this idea. Hope you don't mind. Oh, and I love the term "parental paychecks" (from your previous blog), I may have to steal that idea too...

Hannemann Family said...

Thanks for the info, JO! You DO have beautiful model legs. You come from such an amazing, beautiful family. And you hate milk and fish? That's hilarious! I'll make sure to not ever serve you milk, if you're ever back in our neck of the woods! :)